NCC AB Uses Light Flex

The Swedish construction company NCC AB, second largest in the Nordics, is increasing the safety of its employees by using Light Flex’s…

Light Flex at A+A 2021

Get an introduction and live demo on the stand to the brand new and unique Lightflex concept, with active lights integrated into reflective tapes by ORAFOL. The concept ensures maximum visibility in all challenging light conditions.

women riding a bike wearing Active Lights for electric vehicle safety clothing and garments.

Did you know, most serious e-scooter crashes often involve other motor vehicles?

June 23, 2020. Bicycles have been part of our city life for a long time and will continue to be so, as more and more people realize the upsides of using muscles for transport, not only for the convenience and well being but also to reduce carbon emission. What is new, are the fleets of e-scooters and other electrified vehicles that have now become an integrated and entangled part of city traffic. However, the intensive use of these is not unproblematic.

Picture of active light on jacket

New Product Launch

April 1, 2020. The Light Flex system can be used in a variety of ways so we’ve packed the product into three basic offerings for a better overview. The LFX Appliance on the shelf standard panels, the LFX Custom Light where we produce your own specially designed panels and LFX Connected Intelligence where we connect the system with the rest of the world.