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women riding a bike wearing Active Lights for electric vehicle safety clothing and garments.

Did you know, most serious e-scooter crashes often involve other motor vehicles?

JUNE 23, 2020

Bicycles have been part of our city life for a long time and will continue to be so, as more and more people realize the upsides of using muscles for transport. Not only for the convenience and well being but also to reduce carbon emission. What is new are the fleets of e-scooters and other electrified vehicles that are an integrated and entangled part of city traffic. However, the intensive use of these is not unproblematic.

Studies have shown that the involvement of motor vehicles in e-scooter crashes is correlated to the severity of the injury. 23% of emergency patients involved in e-scooter crashes, declare that a motor vehicle was involved. Among e-scooter trauma patients, almost half declare that a motor vehicle was involved. Cyclists experience similar outcomes: crashes involving motor vehicles result in more severe injuries. Among hospital-reported bicycle crashes in Sweden, 13% involved a motor vehicle. In the Netherlands, motor vehicles were involved in 22% of bicycle injuries and 34% of hospital-reported cyclist injuries in Vancouver and Toronto, according to a study from the International Transport Forum (https://www.itf-oecd.org/sites/default/files/docs/safe-micromobility_1.pdf)

Light Flex long term Vision is that no one gets hurt due to lack of visibility. That defines our Mission which is to keep people safe by creating technically smart and stylish wearable lightning solutions. Keeping the challenges that user of micro mobility vehicles face and our Vision in mind, Light Flex is developing an Active Light vest especially designed for users on bikes and scooters. The main objective is to make the rider more visible, especially for the drivers of cars and trucks but also for pedestrians and with that keeping riders safe and reduce the the amount of accidents.

The new LFX Traffic Vest will be launched during 2021 – stay put for more information!