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Our long term Vision is that no one gets hurt due to lack of visibility. That defines our Mission which is to keeps people safe by creating technically smart and stylish wearable lightning solutions. Our success is based on our partners willingness and ability to use our technology because they will bring the solutions to the users. We have to be the most reliable, efficient and flexible partner we can, because it’s together with our customers and users we´ll fulfill our Vision. So, let’s illuminate the World – together!
Who we are
We are a Swedish company with headquarters in Stockholm and research and development in Barcelona, Spain. Our motivation is nurtured and based on our founder’s passion for innovation that does good and our belief is that technology is the answer to mankind’s shortcomings, such as bad night vision and short attention span. We also recognize that as a producer of technology, we have a responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint by acting with care in every duty we perform.
Why we do what we do
No man or machine can act to avoid a person that’s invisible due to darkness or other obstacles. We as humans don’t have a good night vision and easily becomes affected by polluting lights that reduce our ability to see even more. Anything outside of a lightning beam is part of the darkness and the retroreflectors normally used in these conditions are only working in direct lightning, creating a serious security gap for people outside of the beam.
We’re here till fill this gap.
Our story
While working with the law enforcement sector with high demands not only for functionality and durability, but also for safety, we became mindful of the limitations that existing high-vis products have. It was with the challenge to provide this project with a flexible, non-intrusive visibility solution that Light Flex was born in 2015. Providing safety is still the main driving force for our company and the most important feature for the products we develop.

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