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New Active Luminous Yellow Hard-shell Jacket at the German Hessian Police Force With Light Flex Active System

June 7, 2022
After the first delivery to the Hessen Police of the hard-shell jacket with the Light Flex active light system the DPoG the German police union published the following article which delighted us at Light Flex, that PPE (personal protected equipment) shall not be limited for financial reasons and now promised to be available for all German police colleagues. In Germany there are about 250 000 police.
“DPoG Hessen welcomes the new 3 in 1 luminous yellow hard-shell jacket with lighting system.
After a police officer, due to lack of visibility in the dark, lost her life during an accident investigation, the HPT (Hessen Police Headquarters for Technology) acted immediately and put a lot of work and heart and soul into the development of the wind and waterproof hard-shell jacket in warning colours.
The active luminous yellow, wind- and waterproof hard-shell jacket is a well thought-out, innovative development. With many reflective elements and battery-powered active lighting system, it ensures safety for colleagues at night. The DPolG Hessen is committed to ensuring that all colleagues in the field are equipped with this jacket as special clothing.”
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