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Light Flex sets a new world standard for the next generation of safety garments by introducing the most innovative active light products on the market. The certified patented technology is lightweight, flexible, durable, washable and easily integrated into any garment and can be printed in any shape and last for years of constant use. The light panels are extremely thin and agile, generate no heat and are very energy effective. We provide both standard and customized offerings so we cover all needs our partners and end-users might have in terms of design and integration options, in both new and existing product lines.
LFX Appliance
A standard plug-n-play printed active light integration kit for garments. The kit contains fixed, standard ISO 20471:2013/ANSI 107:2015 certified reflective panels with embedded printed lights, flat printed cables, central unit, instructions, support and branding components. The standardizing in shape, measures and certification makes adoption and integration of active lights into both existing and new models fast and easy and provides an instant value adding functionality and opportunity to set apart from competition.
LFX Custom Light
A collaboration within the frames of our Partner Program to design and produce a customized printed active light based on the flexibility in design and specifications that our products offer. The final result is a garment with superior visibility based on uniquely designed wearable light that truly stands out, creating both security and brand enhancement.
LFX Connected Intelligence
The Connected Intelligence concept can make the difference between life and death under certain conditions. The Printed Active Light system is based on a multi-functional Central Unit that also powers the system. The Central Unit has open API’s providing opportunities to add supporting security functionality such as:
  • Lonely worker SOS
  • Automatic ON / OFF when exiting / entering a vehicle or by light sensors
  • All functionality and positioning be controlled and monitored by a mobile APP
  • Precise positions systems that enables geo fencing, anti-collision warning system
  • Secure location guiding in dark or smoke-filled premises etc.
  • Automatic light up or distress calls to inform colleagues or alarm centers that a user is inactive or has fallen and lies down as well as real time localization of a person’s position, no matter the environment or circumstances.
  • Warning and alarms based on machine-human proximity sensors for detecting poison, harmful noise, temperatures, time monitoring, data collection etc.
There are few limits to the areas of use so please reach out to us with your challenges and ideas and we’ll take a discussion regarding scope and possibilities to support your visibility and positioning project.

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