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We want to make impact on global scale by working close with major PPE producers, fashion brands, sports & outdoor vendors and directly with emergency and law enforcement visibility projects. There are few limits to what we can achieve together with a professional manufacturer partner and this is where our Partner Program comes into play.
We are an ingredient brand with the aim to enhance our partners by adding world class visibility technology. We create value by our products and by being absolutely dedicated to our Mission and by understanding that you are the key to our success.
The Program is designed to help you scope, document, design and integrate our technologies with your existing or new product lines with ease and stunning results. Together with you we:
  • Audit and set requirements and scope of the project
  • Design and produce the printed light panels and/or positioning solutions
  • Set up integration instructions to secure the installation
  • Support existing and help design future projects
Our operation and business model are partner based. We deliver safety, style and wearable technology with a perfect fit for your existing and upcoming product lines.
Future of Workwear
  • Precise positioning system for worker location & advanced safety management
  • Pairing technologies with ongoing investment by companies in safety infrastructure
  • Enhance worker safety in autonomous vehicle environments
Brand components
Light Flex is a value-adding brand with products to improve the safety of the user and to enhance the overall look and feel of the products it integrates with. Most garments can be equipped with printed lights and the technique has been implemented in high-vis jackets, running gear, on hard-hats, winter jackets and haute couture (for the nouveau design that printed light can achieve).
We market Light Flex and our products directly to end-users. The aim of the marketing and communication strategy is to achieve a high level of exposure to create awareness and interest. Our main channel for exposure and end-user interaction though, is via our Partner Program.
We provide you with printed and digital marketing material, education and product expertise and love to participate at sales and distributor meetings.
Send a request for further information, tell us who you are and give us a short brief on your project:

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