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Light Flex – The Safest Solution in All Weather Conditions

December 7, 2021
Light Flex is the safest solution for professionals that need to be seen in all weather conditions.
In general, it is not known that most reflective applications used in high viz garments drop in efficacy by 70% in wet or humid conditions. This drop in performance in the reflective performance is allowed in the PPE regulation EN ISO 20471. For example, in average, Stockholm, Berlin and London have about 153 rainy days per year. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the working conditions that the user will be subjected to.
Another disadvantage is that outside the light cone from the head beam of the car, the reflective does not work at all, leaving the worker invisible.
The Light Flex active light makes the user visible up to 300m in all weather conditions, both inside and outside the light cone – no second light source is needed. Light Flex uses microprismatic reflective technology, which contrary to glass beaded technology, works both in wet and humid conditions.


Certified to EN ISO 20471
Light Flex Dual Effect
Retroreflective and active light
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