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Gauide House in Barcelona.

Light Flex – a part of Catalonia

May 15, 2019

Swedish Light Flex has deep roots in Barcelona since the start 2015. It’s R&D is based there and during the years more and more local expertise, production facilities and sourcing partners have been involved in the development of both the company and system. This has been observed by the public agency Catalonia Trade & Investment that has published a great article, featuring the founders and their story.

“We are Swedish, but we have been living in Catalonia for a while. Our company started in 2015. We had been working with Swedish, Irish and German providers before, but in the end, we saw that we could actually find everything in Catalonia, and this is really good.” Says Victoria Bäcksin and continues: “The printing of the light is manufactured here, as well as the encapsulation and the electronics part, and the software and the hardware development. There is a lot of knowledge here and we do everything locally with different providers.”

Read the full article here: www.catalonia.com/newsletter_news/news/2019/Light-Flex.jsp