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New management team

MARCH 15, 2020
As Light Flex evolves, turning from a glimmering start-up to an established company with the mission to save lives by providing technically smart, stylish wearable active light and positioning solutions, so does the management team.
“We are proud and happy to welcome Håkan Melin as CEO and Lars-Olov Strand as CFO to the Light Flex family”, says Victoria Bäcksin, co-founder and Chairman. Håkan has a broad background in sales and leadership and comes straight from the PPE reseller channel with a lot of knowledge and experience from that market. He’s major focus will be to create revenue by expanding the partner base and create customer awareness. Per-Olov is a registered accountant and will build the economical and administrative structures to support our expansion. He has extensive experience from managing and structuring fast growing companies in his past.

“I’m thrilled over the opportunities we see on the market and look forward to be a part of the exiting journey we have in front of us. I have never before worked with a product that gains such attraction and interest”, says Håkan.

Håkan and Per-Olov are based in Stockholm, Sweden and forms the management team together with the founders Victoria Bäcksin and Mårten Kull, based in Barcelona Spain.

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