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Safety for the Mining Industry

September 7, 2018

Light Flex Technology has developed a safety system for garments for the mining industry together with mining giant Boliden. The garments are equipped with worker proximity sensors to alert drivers of mining vehicles of nearby workers in the mines and respond with light pattern responses on the garments. The garments also use Ericsson’s precise positioning system for worker location & advanced safety management. Moreover, the safety garments enhance worker safety in autonomous vehicle environments.

The work has been conducted in close collaboration with Boliden, Ericsson, Helly Hansen and Light Flex.

The project is based on creating visibility for workers by light and connectivity via a local 5G network to minimize the threat that heavy equipment and potentially dangerous zones in the mine represents by:

  • Alert drivers of workers in the proximity
  • Alert workers of moving trucks and machines
  • Alert workers that they are close or have entered a dangerous area by geo-fencing.

The project also aims at learning and setting standars for a future with self-driving vehicles and how they will interact with the miners.


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